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October 9, 2016, 10:21 am

An antique in of itself, the Potbelly sandwich comes with a bountiful heritage identical to its deliciously rich fillings. Known for toasty warm sandwiches, extra good soups and salads, and cookies that are baked fresh every day, the actual experience of ordering could not be simpler. First of all, you choose your sandwich and bread. Then the friendly staff places your sandwich into the oven to appear mere minutes later, and that is where the fun begins; when you enter the sandwich fantasy of your dreams.

Popular dish: Volcano pepperoni grilled chicken sandwich

Location: 2nd Avenue – The Avenues (2258 1997), Grand Avenue – The Avenues (2228 3122), The Mall – The Avenues Inside KidZania (2228 3313), Kuwait Int’l Airport across from Gate 2 (2432 0132), Jabriya and Al Bida’a (2225 3176).

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