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Post-Result CBSE counseling held at IES
May 22, 2016, 12:42 pm

The Post-Result CBSE counseling is being held at Indian Educational School, under Mr. Premkumar, from 21 May to 4 June, from 8am to 10pm. For the 19th consecutive year CBSE is providing counselling services to students and parents to overcome common psychological problems and general queries related to Class X and XII results.

The CBSE counselling is an outreach programme which is carefully designed keeping the heterogeneity of student’s population and geographical spread in mind. CBSE Tele-counselling is largely offered by trained counsellors and Principals from within CBSE affiliated schools located in India and outside India. It is a voluntary and free of cost service provided by the participants.

CBSE Tele-Helpline- 2nd Phase

During the 2nd Phase, 63 experts including Principals, trained counsellors from CBSE affiliated government and private schools and few psychologists will be available for Tele- Counselling.

Out of these, 51 are from India and 12 from outside India including Nepal, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Dammam), Oman, U.A.E (Dubai, Ras Al Khaimah) and Kuwait.

Counselling for differently abled children

Counselling facility for differently abled children has also been arranged to take care of the needs of special children with regard to the exam result.

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