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Porsche Road Safety Program being held at the Car Museum City
December 15, 2015, 5:22 pm

The Porsche Road Safety Program for Schools was developed in support of the World Health Organization and the United Nations Global Decade of Action (2011-2021) on Road and Traffic Safety and is supported by the Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Education.

Being in its fourth year, a new partnership has emerged between Porsche Centre Kuwait, Behbehani Motors Company and the Kuwait Historical, Vintage & Classic Cars Museum.

The partnership represents the commitment to provide a high quality educational experience which allows for stimulation of real life driving scenarios. Students participating in this will have a fun filled, informative visit to the Car Museum City where they are exposed to essential traffic and road safety skills. Nearly 30,000 young children have participated in the Porche Road Safety Programme from various schools till date. A further 10,000 are expected to participate in the coming year.

With the increase in road injuries, especially in the case of children, teachers and parents are encouraged to be involved so as to give better guidance. Research shows that attitude is formed during the early years of life and that will shape their behaviour and future choices.

During the course of the event, a curriculum guide will be presented to all participating schools and nurseries, enabling the integration of road safety education within existing curriculum topics and providing continuous reinforcement of the ‘Golden Rules’ of road safety.  Children in their formative years will be targeted to help think about driving responsibly and staying safe on the roads, which can have a direct impact on their future behaviour.

“Feedback from participating schools and parents has confirmed that students attending the program are learning to be responsible drivers, passengers and pedestrians and have shared their learning experience with adult drivers and other family members. Many parents have been delighted to inform us that their children now insist on wearing a seat belt and are following the ‘Golden Rules’ of road safety,” said Mike Finn, the Program Director.

The program is delivered by a team of experienced educators and will include the following:

*Learn to drive a Porsche 911 Carrera pedal car safely around the specially designed indoor road circuit in Car Museum City, complete with working traffic lights, roundabout, junctions, speed bumps and a pedestrian crossing
*Learn the Golden Rules of Road Safety through a classroom and video presentation
*Identify, understand and act upon a variety of road traffic signs
*Receive the Porsche Road Safety student activity book for follow up work
*Receive the Porsche Parent Guide to Road Safety
*Receive a free Porsche driver’s cap, driving license and certificate upon successful completion of the visit
*Visit the Kuwait Historical, Vintage & Classic Cars Museum

This programme is free of charge and instructions are available in English and Arabic. More information can be acquired by contacting the Program Manager, Aisha Arikat, on 99826552 or e-mailing:, 

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