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Polling stations across Kuwait open for 2016 parliamentary elections
November 26, 2016, 8:20 am

Polling stations across Kuwait opened their doors for voters for the parliamentary elections for the 15th legislative term.

Some 293 candidates including 14 women are competing for the parliamentary seat. Polling started at 8:00 am local time and will close at 8:00 pm. Some 483,186-strong electorate will vote for 50 candidates representing the nation's electorate constituencies, under the watchful eye of 15,000 security forces.

Moreover, males comprise 47.68 percent of the electorate, while females make up 52.31 percent. The elections are taking place as per law number 42/2006 which deals with reshaping the electoral constituencies, where each constituency will field a total of 10 candidates in which the electorate can only vote for one candidate per constituency. There are 452 committees, including 259 for males and 283 for females distributed over 100 schools.

Source: KUNA

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