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Police deny "beating" Saudi passenger
December 11, 2013, 11:35 am

Dubai Police have denied “beating” a Saudi passenger at Dubai Airport amid media reports in the kingdom that the man was manhandled after missing a flight at Dubai International Airport.

The dispute erupted after the Saudi and two companions arrived late to their boarding gate, which had already closed, and they were told they could not fly.

The passengers then started “yelling and causing chaos in the airport”, it was reported.

Dubai Police said in a statement that the passenger was “treated with full respect and in a civilised manner, despite the disturbance he caused with an airline employee”.

Police said “the passenger was not beaten, insulted or held in custody”.

“He was provided with full transport assistance to his hotel,” the statement said.

“The passenger later called Dubai Police to thank them for their assistance and the good manner in which he was treated.”

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