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Pointy Flats
March 31, 2014, 12:59 pm

Pointed flats are chic and comfortable, and can look extremely sophisticated and sleek when the right flats are worn.

Precious gold: Nothing speaks of luxury louder than precious gold tones. Embellished with exquisite floral appliques, or dainty bows, they dress up spring and summer outfits, braving the day and emphasizing the night.

Classic black: Easy, understated but so incredibly sleek, the classic black pointy flats talk about iconic styles with a twist. Complementing the perfect picture of modern elegance, the gleaming dark leather pointed flats become a must for an evening out. Balance their heavy feel with a play on sheerness and contrasting textures.

Nudes or Floral.: A minimalist nude approach, or with a bolder floral design, the thing to keep in mind is your personal wardrobe’s overall vibe for the season, deciding in terms of what would best work in complementing your day-to-day style. Floral pointed flats look exquisite when worn with gorgeous tailored pieces in delicate pastel hues. Style nude flats around sleek mini silhouettes, both skirts and coats, and super-light knits.

Dots or stripes: Frisky polka dots, or some colorful stripes, have a better chance in making that ultimate fashionable impression both fun and playful. Keep in mind that this style of pointed flats look fantastic when paired with both pencil and flared midi skirts or dresses, short A-line skirts, flowy maxi’s, tapered trousers, shorts and skinny jeans.

Printed:  A beautiful print covering the silhouette of a pointed flat is breathtaking; you can balance their heavy feel with a play on sheerness and contrasting textures in your outfits. Become one with the gorgeous winter snow leopard print, or go in the opposite direction with a sophisticated take on tartan, wear your pointed flats fully dipped in color and print for autumn.

Wearing pointed flats: If you want to create the appearance of long legs helped by your choice of footwear, trust the pointed flats to help you achieve that effect. Regardless of the shoe style you are ready to commit to, an all-white outfit will only highlight the pointy flats’ signature sophistication, by keeping things incredibly light and ethereal.


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