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Pluralism, multilingualism important elements of progress
March 25, 2017, 5:40 pm

His Highness Sheikh Nasser Mohammed Al Ahmad Al Sabah, former prime minister of Kuwait, stated emphatically that pluralism was a necessity for the continuity of world peace and that French language had the ability to play an important role in the service of culture diversity in the world today. Speaking at Francophonie celebrations held at the residence of the Canadian Ambassador to Kuwait H. E. Martine Moreau, H. H. Sheikh Nasser Al Sabah commended the ambassadors of the Francophonie countries in Kuwait for their continued efforts in support of the annual celebrations.

Sheikh Nasser, an avid supporter of the French language and culture, said: "A new language is beneficial as it opens the border between states and provides people with the ability to know each other better. It also improves employment opportunities for individuals and opens markets to promote business and industry, while also encouraging an active mind and strengthening memory among people."

As the guest of honor for the sixth consecutive year for Francophonie celebrations in Kuwait, Sheikh Nasser also stressed the importance of multilingualism in the world's cultural activity.  He recognized the ability of the French language to play an important role in the service of cultural diversity in the world today.

Commenting on the Francophonie Day, which is celebrated every year on 20 March, Sheikh Nasser said it highlighted the importance of language in our lives and that French was an important universal language spoken by more than 220 million around the world. He further added that the power of French language was not only in the large number of native speakers, but also in its connection with the knowledge industry and its ability to feed science and arts vocabulary with the required terminology. He gave several examples of French language having provided a vocabulary to humanities and law, as well as to literary and artistic movements.

Sheikh Nasser also noted in his address that the GCC Francophone relationship was moving forward steadily and getting stronger. Francophonie consists of 58 member states and 26 observer states, which is nearly a billion people spread over five continents and accounting for 19 percent of the world's trade in goods.

Franchoponie nations are committed to promote values such as peace and democracy, respect for human rights, cultural diversity, solidarity, sustainable development and economic growth.


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