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Playful palazzo pants
August 16, 2015, 2:10 pm

Palazzo pants are a huge trend this season particularly due to the warm weather. The common misconceptions about these wide leg pants are mainly that they are unflattering and hard to match. It is false, palazzo pants are extremely easy to wear, and when styled right, they provide balance and flatter your figure.

If you follow the baggy pants plus fitted top formula, you can never go wrong.  Since balance is the most important thing to rock in this style, wearing a fitted top or tucking in your top is essential in creating the illusion of a taller frame.  Always remember to balance proportions in your attire. When in doubt, simply style your palazzo pants like you do your maxi skirts. To get some ideas on how to style your trousers, here are some tips.

Strutting in the right shoes:  With a lot of wide-legged pants, it is easy to rely on one simple rule: wear shoes that won't get lost beneath the pants. The problem with palazzo pants with extremely wide legs; all shoes are going to get lost. Instead of fighting a losing battle, by searching for shoes that can hold their own with such wide legs, look for skimpy, and delicate flats, especially dressy thong sandals. Other good choices include wedge and platform sandals; pointy-toed and platform pumps; and, in some cases, ballerina flats.

As far as heel shapes go, you can go either direction: chunky or thin. In short, avoid anything that is too sensible, but also steer clear of anything that is too over the top. Palazzo pants are dramatic enough on their own.

Flattering accessories: With a plain light colour top, add a statement neckpiece or chunky earrings or a stylish scarf, to avoid looking boring. To adopt a stylish and chic aura, tops in trendy colours are your best choice to complement the bright print of your palazzo pants. Then, enhance the finesse with a blazer, a camisole or a cropped jacket to make the look a bit streamlined.

Cinching your waist with a stylish belt is another way to exude sass. However, limit any glitzy accessories or overly fussy details to your outfit

Bold prints: Palazzo pants offers up a variety of loud patterns, and it should be the focal point of your fun ensemble. A pair of eye-catching palazzo printed pants goes well with a solid color blouse, it is dramatic but not fussy.

Be warned that mixing too many prints in one outfit will result in a fashion catastrophe.

In the right hue:  Achieve a sophisticated silhouette by opting for pastel or nude tones for your pants. Neutral or darker tones have a slimming effect and will flatter your figure. If you are more slender, donning brighter hues will add emphasis to your curves.  Pastel hues are best complimented with ladylike clothing; select from lace blouses, sheer shirts to peplum blouses for a pretty, feminine look.  Try some monotone magic by picking a hue, then create an attire around the color scheme. Basically one important key to making your all-white look flattering is minimalism, so stick to well-cut pieces, clean lines and subtle accessories.




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