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Play with pigments
August 22, 2016, 1:53 pm

Pigments are a fine, loose powder and the main ingredient in eyeshadow (minus the binder that keeps them pressed in a pan). Typically, when binder is added, it dulls the pigment’s color. Without binder, the intensely pigmented loose powder is known as pigment—they are usually shimmery, but can be matte as well.

The main issue beauty lovers have with pigments is how to effectively use them to get the maximum benefit. Pigments are a super versatile product and there are various ways to incorporate them into your makeup look. Read on for the details on pigments and different ways to wear them.

Eyes: When you are short on time, adding a dash of pigment to your lower lid is super quick but still packs a glamorous punch. Tap a little of your chosen shade onto a flat surface and using a stiff flat brush, gently apply the dust onto your lid. You can keep the color below the crease or bring it up slightly past the crease—either way works. Then, using a fluffy dome brush, blend out the crease and feather out any harsh lines. A good tip is to use a light pigment to brighten the inner corners of your eyes or highlight under the brow bone—both methods are known to make your eyes appear larger.

Cheeks: Pigments are an amazing multi-purpose product—aside from adding a pop of color to your lids, they are marvelous for highlighting your cheekbones, giving them a radiant quality. To use, use a cheek highlighter brush to sweep the powder along the tops of your cheekbones, being careful to blend. Be sure to choose a colored pigment that complements your skin tone and one that paints a natural flush onto your cheeks.

Lips: One fantastic quality of pigments is that they can be mixed with lip gloss to create a custom lip color. Take a small amount of clear lip gloss on the back of your hand and with a brush, mix your favorite pigment in it until you have a sort of paste consistency. Apply the paste with a small lip brush—don’t use the lip gloss wand to mix or apply as the color will transfer to the remaining clear gloss. Pigments can also be mixed with lipstick to tone down a bright color, change the undertone or add shimmer. You can even mix pigment with a small chunk of lipstick (cut from the tube) just as you would with lip gloss. A little mixing and matching will help you get the perfect shade.

One tip from experts is to add a light pigment to highlight your Cupid’s bow to make your lips look fuller!

Eyeliners: Pigments work extremely well as a liquid eyeliner, especially when you need a custom shade. To make eyeliner from pigments, you will need to foil them first, there are plenty of tutorials online that detail the methods. Then simply line your lids as usual with a bent liner brush. 


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