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April 23, 2015, 4:58 pm

Pintxos is a Spanish tapas restaurant concept with a bar-like look and feel. Tapas are usually shared amongst a large table, so the diners can have a multitude of meals to choose from. Its big fat menu, chock-full of miniature platters, is thought up by Chef Ahmad Al-Bader, the man behind restaurants like Pizzeta, Burger Hub, Prime & Toast, Izakaiya, and The Butcher’s Den.

CUISINE: It serves succulent designer dishes, which come in unusual combinations and have a full Spanish flavor, as well as a variety of health-conscious yet delicious salads, grilled meats, and unique mocktails.

AMBIENCE: The restaurant is dimly lit, so much so that as you settle down, you are handed a little flash light to enable you to look at the menu and place your order. Great music complements the atmosphere.

POPULAR: Halloumi bites with watermelon dip | Burrata cheese with truffle oil and dark chocolate shavings | Mocktail made with jalapeños peppers

LOCATION: AlSeif Strip, Gulf Road, Kuwait City

CONTACT: 2226 4343 | Facebook: Pintxos, Twitter @ PintxosKw, Instagram @PintxosKw

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