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Pinoy Zumba lovers hit 150 attendees, hold lunch program for shelter
August 30, 2014, 4:08 pm

Pinoy Zumba Lovers, an exercise group that convenes every Friday hit one hundred and fifty three attendees Friday morning, making it the biggest group class exercise in the country. The group, which promotes advocacy in providing assistance to Filipino Workers Resource Center (FWRC) or shelter for distressed Filipino workers and undocumented children held its first “lunch” program with the wards same day following the group exercise.

PZL Coordinator Editha Hael told The Times that the recent Friday attendance of 150 was remarkable. “We share the court with basketball games, so Philippine Amateur Basketball League Kuwait coordinator Mr. Noel had to put the games on hold and give way for PZL attendees to use the main court to accommodate the huge number of attendees. We welcome other nationals from India, Sri Lanka and USA who also came to exercise with us, some even pledged to help in creating health awareness and assist  in any way they can.  PZL advocacy to provide assistance for distressed workers and undocumented children will continue and we invite more people to come and share with us an hour on Friday,” commented Hael.

To add, Beverly Tonogbanua, Coordinator for Filipino Community said that the collection of 1 KD per attendee is used to pay for the rent of the space, and the remaining funds are directed to purchase items such as milk and pampers for children in the Hateen shelter as well as other needs for distressed workers. “It’s not that big amount we raise every Friday from the registration, in fact the KD 1 donation is not compulsory, at times we have over a hundred attendees, but the collection is lot less than that. This is voluntary and the group has agreed not to impose,” added Tonogbanua.

Filipino Community Coordinator Bill Valenzuela also stated that more officers and members from different organizations have started to support the project; in fact several have attended the classes and pledged support by promoting PZL’s activity on Friday among their members and officers.

PZL has also received support from different fitness instructors who work in fitness centers and gyms in the country, in fact some instructors have agreed to teach in coming days. Zumba certified fitness instructor Blanche Bravo who currently works for Kuwait Oil Company Fitness Center and Radisson Blu Hotel mentors PZL under her license as one of Kuwait’s highest certified Zumba Trainer. “I am overwhelmed with the response PZL receives from the public and we hope that others will be inspired to do the same with their group activities. Small or big support is not what matters but that chance to be a part of great project is the best reward one can have,” added Bravo.  PZL projects are on pipeline and will be announced in due time. PZL extends its gratitude to Filinvest for their generous support in the recent “lunch” program held at FWRC of the Philippine Embassy.

PZL is a pioneering Filipino group that promotes health awareness via group exercise on weekly basis. It had its first classes at the lobby of the Philippine Overseas Labor Office located beside the Philippine Embassy in Faiha and later changed its venues to Radisson Blu Hotel to accommodate bigger number of attendees. At present PZL hold their exercise class at Qadsiya Cub in Hawally, Judo Hall from 8 AM till 9:30 AM. To know more of their activities add the group on Facebook: Zumba Group Inc. or get in touch with any of the coordinators. 

Staff Writer - Ricky Laxa

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