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Pinoy Zumba Lovers donate items to Hateen shelter, The Gym team holds Zumba class
September 28, 2014, 5:34 pm

Members of Pinoy Zumba Lovers in cooperation with The Gym Team held its second week of Zumba class at the Hateen Philippine Shelter Saturday morning. Attended by its wards, officials of the embassy, Assistance to the Nationals Unit and Department of Social Welfare and Development, the weekly class aims to promote wellness and health among the women and children in the shelter.

Chelsie Magallanes-Dado, spouse of the Philippine Consul General Atty. Raul Dado in a brief interview said that the weekly exercise class is a very good activity that promotes the importance of workout regimen among the women in the shelter. “I laud the instructors of The Gym Team who take time out of their busy schedules to come and lead the group to an hour of exercise and fun. Pinoy Zumba Lovers on the other hand has been a wonderful support to the wards and help in purchasing items they may need such as rubber shoes they can use for their exercise and refreshments after the Zumba class,” commented Dado.

Pinoy Zumba Lovers coordinators, Maripol Abdallah, Editha Hael, Joseph Magnaye, Lailah Venturina, Clarisse Emberso and Noor have taken the initiative to provide assistance and help for both shelters Faiha and Hateen. “The needs are not much and we encourage others to extend help by donating milk, pampers, toys, clothes and other stuffs our wards and children can use and we are grateful to those who have come forward and handed over these items to us,” added Hael.

Abdallah and the rest of her Pinoy Zumba Lovers team to continuously provide whatever they can to the wards. Gym Team instructors is composed of Albert and Janna Pinos, Ner Santos and mentor Ricky Laxa. “We would like other fitness instructors to donate their skills and time by volunteering to teach every Saturday at the Hateen Shelter,” commented Janna Pinos. 

By Ricky Laxa
Staff Writer

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