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Pinoy Snappers offers two-months training program in photography
April 20, 2014, 11:02 am

Pinoy Snappers, organization of Filipino photographers in Kuwait, called on a general meeting to lay out its first two months program intended to provide information and continuing studies to its present and would be members. President of the organization Thoots Sauradjan spoke to The Times briefly on the program and the group’s activities in the past.

The organization was created among circle of friends who have interest and passion in taking photos outdoors and although limited in numbers initially, they decided to form a group called “Pinoy Snappers” registered and sworn its members to office by Philippine Consul General Atty. Raul Dado. Currently it has fifty five active members from different work sectors in Kuwait that meet regularly at Kuwait Philippine Cultural Center in Farwaniya. “With the presence of two mentors Arthur Saclolo and Alvin Acuna who share their knowledge and expertise in the subject, the group opened its doors to Filipinos who share common interest in photography”

Acuna explained that photography is not an affordable hobby thus with maximizing the use of a camera and knowing its functions will be beneficial. “We have outlined a two-month program intended to educate and provide information to our members, commencing with camera familiarization, techniques and approaches to shoots and more. A weekly evaluation will be implemented to further mentor our members and a graduation will take place after the program” commented Acuna. Sauradjan added that participants will need to register and that interested individuals will have to wait for their turns to assume sessions. He also said that classes will be held from 6 PM till 9 PM at KPCC on a prescribed day. H e encouraged everyone to check their facebook account and contact them for further details.

Member of Pinoy Snapper Aleli de Guzman told The Times that she learned a lot of information by attending the meetings and that she hopes such knowledge and experience will be of use to earn income when she finally decides to return home to the Philippines. She thanked the organization for its kind and generous assistance enriching her potential as new in the field of photography.

Pinoy Snappers has taken active participation in raising funds for the victims and survivors of the hurricane Yolanda that destroyed provinces and claimed lives earlier this year. “We will support extend support to the community in any way we can and they can call us should they require our services” ended Sauradjan. 


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