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Pinkberry introduces new menu items on Winter Wonders campaign
November 30, 2016, 1:37 pm

Pinkberry, the leading retailer of innovative frozen yogurt treats, has added new products to their menu as part of their ‘Winter Wonders’ campaign that will run from 4 December to 28 January. The new offerings arrive just in time for the winter season, bringing with them treats that are rich, warm and exciting.

Pinkberry has launched two new mouth-watering frozen yogurt-based warm desserts. Lotus lovers will relish the ‘Warm Lotus Brownie’, a combination which consists of a freshly baked brownie, with heated chocolate hazelnut sauce, topped with lotus frozen yogurt, and sprinkled with crunchy lotus biscuits and creamy lotus sauce. Moreover, berry enthusiasts will savor the succulent fruity taste of the ‘Warm Blueberry Pie’ which comprises of warm blueberry compote, crunchy granola, topped off with original frozen yogurt and whipped cream.  

The new ‘Winter Wonders’ campaign also presents customers fun new ways to ‘pop’ with the popular ‘frozen yogurt pops’, an innovative and one-of-a-kind experience that continues to provide customers with an endless range of irresistible ways to enjoy their frozen yogurt. It now comes in a variety of fun new shapes, dipped into a smooth milk chocolate dip or a rich and creamy lotus dip. Take it one step further and fill your pop with luxe crunches which include milk chocolate and pistachio varieties for a fun surprise.  

To treat yourself with these limited edition winter delights, be sure to visit Pinkberry.

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