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Photography Exhibition: Abdullah Al Kandari
December 14, 2017, 5:25 pm

New Art Exhibition at Muse Lounge. Opening on Friday, 15 December at 5pm. Photos and Documentary made by Kuwaiti Photographer Abdullah Al Kandari (Darya), with live music playing.

I’ve been doing documentary photography for four years now, I came across this art of perception when I was studying back in Germany. This entire journey led me through a lot of hardship and provocative thoughts which led me to the end result of what you see had come out my lens. This is a tribute to all those souls whose lives counties to be ignored. Their journeys are not ordinary ones their mind are not wasted in vain. They are you and we are them. Darya

When: Friday, 15 December 
Date:5:00 pm
Where:Muse Lounge Bookstore, Gallery and Coffeshop, Salmiya – Symphony Style Mall
Tel: 94199853


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