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Philippines Assistance to the Nationals Unit organizes “An Evening in December”
December 29, 2014, 11:04 am

The Assistance to the Nationals Unit (ATNU) The Philippine Shelter for the distressed and abused women in Hateen organized a dinner for its wards in cooperation with the Filipino Community Organizations, The Filipino Magazine, Mrs. Editha Hael and Pinoy Zumba Lovers. Currently the shelter houses 29 women, 3 elderly men with physical handicap and three undocumented children.

The event was organized to celebrate dinner with wards and an opportunity for them to listen to selected performers.  Shaima Khuraibet, a Kuwaiti Filipina belted out three songs to the delight of the crowd immediately followed by Kuwait’s Bossa Nova Queen Rowena Tinio who sang songs from Sergio Mendez and a revival Christmas love song accompanied by Classical guitarist Nomer Cervantes. The main act of the night featured Kuwait’s Filipino tenor Jummel Carvajal with vocal renditions from selected Broadway musicals. The much applauded performance left everyone mesmerized by the memorable presentation of the three artists.

Certificates of recognition were awarded to presidents of the Filipino Community Organizations represented by Oliver Diong, Arthur Tabunda and Claire Constantino, among other recipients included Adeeb and Guri Shuhaiber who have contributed to the shelter generously, Dina Al Mallak, Glenn Untal, Editha Hael, Maripol Abdallah and Pinoy Zumba Lovers, Republika ng Sports and Filinvest. The Filipino Magazine gave out mobile phones to each of the wards and presidents of different organizations donated travelling bags to each one.

Vice Consul Shiena Tesorero lauded the donors and community leaders for taking the extra effort to attend the said event and for donating gifts to the wards. She also thanked each of the staff involved in the Assistance to the Nationals Unit in Hateen for their tireless and generous work to provide prompt assistance to the nationals. Charges D’ Affaires Atty. Raul Dado also thanked everyone who attended and the donors for their generosity and kindness to the wards.

A generous dinner sponsored by Editha Hael and Cabalen restaurant followed.


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