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Philippine Vice Consul receives media transparency award
February 14, 2016, 4:46 pm

Philippine Vice Consul Atty. Shiena Tesorero received a 'Media Transparency Award'  conferred by Filipino journalists and news correspondences of Kuwait on 10 February during a surprise dinner held at the prominent Marine Museum of the Radisson Blu Hotel. It was arranged by the members of the media and selected heads of organizations led by Alliance of Filipino Organizations in Kuwait .

In a brief acknowledgement speech, Ms. Tesorero expressed her admiration to the organizations 'Bayanihan' spirit and mentioned that their contribution to the community was vital and an essential element in helping other Filipinos in need. She expressed her gratitude to everyone who has given their support in assisting the Nationals Unit of the Philippine Embassy. She also thanked individual people who made the difference in the lives of the women in the shelter and hoped that they continue to extend help to their countrymen.

Each of the organization who came to attend the occasion presented plaques of recognition in honor of her hard work and dedication to the Filipinos during her tenure. Among those present to award plaques of recognition were Philippine Society of Marketing Specialists in Kuwait headed by Anna Del Mundo, Nelson Fernandez and members of their organization, Makulay with its President Romano Roman and members, Sandigan with Ann Abunda and Chito Neri, Filipino Cultural Club with President Mildred Lacson and FBC officer Nelson Lacson, RUGBII officers and members and invited guests.

Most of the organizations’ officers were in tears as they expressed their sentiments over her transfer to a new post. Ms. Abunda, prominent for her advocacy in helping and extending support to the distressed workers, read out  a speech in praise of Ms. Tesorero. One of the highlights of the night was an overseas call received and aired during the event from Dr. Chie Umandap, who also gave an emotional speech on the phone.

The highlights of the evening was the plaque of recognition to Ms. Tesorero presented by the media. In the plaque, it was stated 'The Filipino Journalists in Kuwait hereby present this Media Transparency Award to Vice Consul Atty. Shiena Tesorero for her admirable integrity, steadfast commitment to government transparency, openness to the media, upholding the tenets of good governance and above all, being a trustworthy partner of the media in the promotion of welfare of Overseas Filipino Workers in Kuwait'.

The plaque was signed by Michelle Fe ‘Maxxy’ Santiago, Senior Correspondent/Consultant - ABS-CBN Middle East News Bureau, Reporter/Arab Times and Program Director/Pinoy Arabia, Ricky Laxa News Correspondent/GMA-7 - The Times/Senior Reporter and Producer/Director/The Morning Talk, Ben Garcia Senior Reporter/Kuwait Times –Editor/Filipino Panorama, News and Current Affairs Director/Pinoy Arabia and Randy Mendoza

General Manager of Pinoy Arabia FM. The media stressed that such award is only given to individuals who have proven themselves worth of the award and have lived up to the true meaning of service to the Filipinos in Kuwait. The award given to Tesorero was the second of its kind with Labor Attaché David Des Dicang being the first recipient.

By Ricky Laxa
Staff Writer


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