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Philippine President enraged over frozen cadaver of Filipina
February 10, 2018, 2:37 pm

President of Philippines Rodrigo Duterte is furious over the reported murder of yet another household worker in Kuwait, whose body was recently found stuffed inside a freezer. Speaking in a live television broadcast, President Duterte said that every abuse committed against an Overseas Filipino Worker is an affront against Philippines, as a sovereign nation. “All that I ask is that our overseas Filipino workers’ dignity is honored and for their rights as human beings to be upheld and respected.”

Addressing Kuwait authorities, the president said, “We send to you a Filipino worker, hale and hearty, determined to work his heart out in order to give his family a decent and comfortable life in the Philippines. Do not give us back a battered worker or a mutilated corpse. Is there something with your culture, your values? What are you doing to [the people of] my country? If I do it to your citizens here, will you be happy?” asked the visibly very upset Philippine President.

Displaying graphic photos of the Filipina cadaver found inside the freezer on television, the president said, “Filipinos, look at these photos; this is totally unacceptable. These workers go to your country to send decent wage for their families here, and this is what happens?” asked the President. He added that though he did not intend to offend any country, he is ready to take drastic steps and would let the ban continue on all workers planning on going to Kuwait. "Those who want to be repatriated, with or without money I will ask PAL [Philippine Airlines] and Cebu Pacific to provide the transportation," he added.

The deployment ban for Filipinos bound for Kuwait was implemented by the Philippine President after a report of successive seven deaths of Filipinos in a month. In his earlier remarks he stated “One more death or abuse, and I am pulling out all Filipinos from Kuwait”. The statement caused uproar among the Filipino community, as many hold well-paid jobs and are living in good conditions. Nevertheless, every Filipino interviewed supported the President’s permanent banning of Filipino household workers to Kuwait, due to their vulnerable and high risk situation, as not only are they not protected by any law or MOU between the two countries, but are subject to arbitrary decisions by Kuwait’s Ministry of Interiors. Discovery of the Filipina cadaver inside the freezer has compelled the Philippine President to now continue the ban on the deployment of Filipino workers in the country. 

Joanna Dimapilis

       Joanna Dimapilis

 The body of a Filipina household worker Joanna Dimapilis was found inside a freezer early this week after an eviction notice was served to a couple who allegedly escaped Kuwait in 2017. According to an interview with a Filipina household worker who resides in same building, she said that Joanna was beaten up daily by her female Syrian employer who locked her inside the flat and in most cases inside the kitchen when she had visitors. Joanna has been urged by her friends and other residents of the building to escape but was afraid.

“Sometimes Joanna would scream in pain while being beaten up and my employer would knock on their door to urge her to stop but she would not listen,” said one former neighbor. Joanna was last seen by other residents in 2017 and was told that she had escaped. According to the source, authorities broke open the house door and while searching inside found Joanna’s frozen cadaver stuffed in the freezer in a crouching position. Initial medical reports showed several bruises on her body and signs of strangulation. News report said that Kuwait has launched a manhunt and is seeking the help of Interpol to locate the whereabouts and apprehend the couple. The distraught family of Joanna are seeking justice for her death.

Ricky Laxa
Staff Writer
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