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Philippine Embassy reports malicious tweets by Kuwait recruitment agency
March 10, 2018, 2:55 pm
Philippine Ambassador to Kuwait H.E. Renato Pedro Villa and Dr. Chie Umandap

Philippine Ambassador to Kuwait H.E. Renato Pedro Villa denied a malicious post tweeted by a Kuwait recruitment agency owner accusing a Filipino head of a non-government organization of encouraging household workers to refuse work and escape. These women, in turn, are placed to work part-time on services such as weddings and other functions. Philippine Embassy reported to local ministries concerned and urged for action to be taken against these malicious tweets.

In an interview with the Philippine Ambassador Renato Pedro Villa, he said that upon seeing the tweet posted by the Kuwaiti owner of a recruitment agency for domestic helpers, headed off to the office of domestic helpers under the Residency Affairs Department and reported the malicious tweet posted earlier. “Filipino organizations refer to the embassy HSWs those who require rescue especially those who suffer sexual abuse and physical maltreatment, the embassy in turn requests for police assistance so the rescue can take place,” said Ambassador Villa.

The Philippine envoy added that rumors circulated earlier that runaways HSWs are available for re hire in exchange of the amount of KD 600. The Ambassador Villa stressed, “This is totally unfounded, our HSWs in the shelter are bound for repatriation either under the amnesty program of the embassy or with domestic affairs department. Announcements have been posted outside the premises of the embassy stated that there are no such news.” He also mentioned that a verbal note has been sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as to the possible measures and actions the Filipino could adopt against malicious attacks and other forms of cyber allegations via twitter and other forms of social media.

Dr. Chie Umandap, a staff at the Ministry of Dental and the head of a Filipino NGO in Kuwait and whose face and name were posted by the owner of recruitment agency allegedly accusing him of inciting HSWs to refuse work and escape.

The tweet  stated, “This man of Filipino nationality works in the Ministry of Health and has an account on Facebook through which he organizes the smuggling of workers to the Philippine embassy and operates them in concerts, weddings and events, so please ask the Ministry of Interior to follow up this account and ask them to investigate”. Umandap said that he was not surprised when the tweet came out as he was informed of a plot to have him deported and that an agency owner in the Philippines is behind the move.

“I immediately informed the Philippine Secretary of Foreign Affairs and Secretary of Labor and Employment that fabricated news has been posted on twitter and asked their departments to investigate the matter. I also reported the incident to the Ambassador who in turn sent a verbal note to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kuwait. A legal case is finally being pursued by a group of lawyers against the owners of the Philippine and foreign recruitment agencies,” said Umandap.

Umandap stated that AKO OFW, the NGO which he heads, does not perform rescue but collects and submits reports of abuses and requests for rescues to the embassy. He thanked the active members of AKO OFW for their hard work and dedication and the Philippine Ambassador for his support and prompt action to report such cases. “I urge all NGOs and advocates not to stop extending help to our distressed Filipino workers and that you don’t have to be physically present to help during the rescues, we have a department in the embassy that coordinates these cases with local authorities,” said Umandap.


Philippine Ambassador shows copy of tweet.
Ricky Laxa
Staff Writer


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