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Philippine Ambulance Nurses in Kuwait raise funds via sports fest
October 11, 2014, 11:19 am

Filipino nurses working in ambulance services of Kuwait organized a sports festival to raise funds and build a school in Aklan, Philippines. The sports festival invited nurses stationed in different hospitals that included Ahmadi, Sabah, Amiri, Jahra, Mubarak and Farwaniya and held at the Judo Hall of Qadsiya Club in Hawally.

Sports included badminton, basketball and volleyball. Popular Zumba group Pinoy Zumba Lovers set the mood of the sports festival with a half hour Zumba workout. President of Pinoy Ambulance Nurses in Kuwait (PANIK) Hengie Taton delivered welcome remarks to open the event. Teams were divided based on colors of the uniforms.

Results of the event are;  Overall results; Champion – Gray Team (Al-Seef Hospitaland Mubarak Hospital), 1st place - Orange Team ( Jahra hospital), 2nd place - Blue Team ( Taiba Hospital/Al Sabah Hospital), 3rd place - Red Team ( Al Adan Hospital). For the volleyball events; Champion Women - Blue Team (Taiba Hospital), Men - Green Team. For Basketball: Red Team  (Al Adan Hospital). Sponsors of the event are: Western Union, Elma Roxas Sebullin, Ruth Lust, Lizet Manzanero and Nagia Manacmul and Family.

The proceeds of the event was donated to Manika School in Aklan, Philippines devastated by typhoon Haiyan and completely wiped out the school premises. PANIK sports festival hopes to complete the rebuilding of the school for the benefit of the children who draw their education from the school. The fund raised and collected was immediately sent to the beneficiary. Taton thanked everyone for their kind support to the sports festival.

                                                                                                                                                                                  -Ricky Laxa
Staff Writer

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