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Phenomenon of fish deaths returns to haunt marine environment
September 11, 2017, 9:01 am

The phenomenon of fish kill has returned to haunt the marine environment in a manner which environmental activists describe as dangerous, reports Al-Qabas daily.

With several dead fish afloat in the country’s water bodies, there’s urgent need to determine the cause of death while looking for means to remedy the situation. In five days consecutively, concerned teams from the Environment Public Authority have received report on dead fish in Kuwait Bay and other areas covering Auhah Island to Shuwaikh Port building.

Several activists have said the phenomenon of dead fish in their various kinds, which was witnessed in summer, has resurfaced. They cited the sewer and drainage water as the main culprit, because they increase the rate of plankton, oxygen and temperature — according to initial statement of the Environment Public Authority.

The daily quoting sources noted the dead fish phenomenon has not affected other fish living in the local waters, and those within the Bay area. Meanwhile, Environment Manpower Authority affirmed that teams sent to investigate the issue noticed change of water color in Shuwaikh Port due to seasonal boom of benign phytoplankton.

Phytoplankton consists of microscopic marine organisms that inhabit the upper sunlit layer of almost all oceans and bodies of fresh water on Earth.

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