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Perks of wearing primer
January 4, 2016, 1:34 pm

For makeup artists, primer is a must-have product that should be applied before any makeup products, especially eyeshadow.  Eye primer is a liquid- or cream-based product that is applied on the eyelids to make shadows and eyeliner go on smoother and last longer.

Here is how it works: Primer creates a base for the eyelids, absorbing excess oil and allowing for an even surface on which to work.  Without primer, greasy eyelids can cause shadows to get that “creased” effect throughout the day, or have patchy and uneven application. Adversely, those with dry, primer-less eyelids will have shadow pigment disappear entirely in a matter of hours. If this is happening to you, grab your favorite eye shadow primer and follow a how-to below.

How to use it: After applying your daily eye creams and facial moisturizers, squeeze a tiny bit of primer onto a flat eye shadow brush, or your fingertips. Gently apply the primer onto your eyelids, starting from the lash line and working all the way into the brows (yes, the brows — this will make your brow products last longer). Remember to apply primer under the bottom lashes as well if you use shadow or liner under the eyes.

There are other interesting ways to use primer. From your face to even to your hands, primer can have amazing benefits.

Increases lipstick staying power: Use primer before applying your favorite lipstick to make sure the color lasts for hours on end. Just a small amount is needed to keep your lips full and colorful.

Reduce the look of large pores: Don’t believe people who say a primer is a waste of time. In some cases, it does more work than your foundation is doing. If you are struggling with trying to make your pores look smaller, grab a ‘poreless’ primer and get the job done.

Hide lines: When foundation is left on all day, it can begin sinking into your natural skin lines and wrinkles. By adding a primer first, these lines will be filled in, so the foundation won’t seep down and make them stand out.

Use it underneath highlighter: Get the most out of your primer by using it under all sorts of makeup. Place on cheek bones and down the bridge of your nose, then use a pinch of highlighter on top. The primer will help the highlighter stay in place all day, so your best features will remain glowing for hours on end.



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