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Perking up winter skin
March 5, 2017, 4:51 pm

Winter has a funny way of sucking all of the color out of your skin, leaving you with a dull pasty complexion. But the way to put a little color back in our faces is a lot simpler than you think.  You can get glowy, radiant skin that looks lit from within, such as the kind of warmth that implies you just sat next to a warm fire. Here are some quick tips for all skin tones that will yield healthy warmed-up looking skin in just mere moments.

Illuminator: Meant to impart a radiant glow, illuminators tend to be loaded with light-reflecting particles that disperse over your skin so light reflects off of it from various angles. They can be worn alone; or they can give your blush a boost when layered overtop.

Highlighting drops: A product like this really puts you in control of how subtle or intense you go with warming up your skin. You can wear them alone for a more subtle sheen, mix a few drops into your foundation to customize your color, or blend them over top of your foundation for a highlight effect. Though be careful of your skin tone; if you are fair, look for one with pink undertones. For medium skin, try something with gold or bronze pigments; and dark skin tones need a bit of coral or red tones to add warmth.

Tinted moisturizer: When it comes to brightening up, tinted moisturizer is the real winner. Look for a product that has extra light and comes in a few different shades so you can make sure it blends in with your skin tone. Smoothing on just a small amount will not only add a touch of color, but also protect from the sun with an SPF 30 and provide 24-hours of moisture.

Cream blush: Cream formula blushes sink into skin so the color looks natural and healthy while powder blushes on top of dry winter skin can just make skin look duller. For more of a flushed look, blend onto the apples of cheeks and sweep back to the hairline. 

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