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Perfectly stained lip
November 4, 2013, 11:12 am

There is a realm of mystery to these lip stain treatments with their muted edges and misty finish. Here are a few ideas on how to exactly mirror the stained lip at home and keep your lips from looking like a hot mess .

Popular lip stains: Gone are the days of summer where bright, daring hues are used to define an unmistakable lip color. This is the season of the subtle yet feminine, dark stained lip to suit the changing weather. Make a stained lip statement by using sheer and wet finishes mostly within dark berry hues. Also, layering your lip shades playfully mimics the way you layer your fall and winter outfits.

The best colors for a stained lip: Darker hues are traditional for winter, making a lip stain the ideal option for the season. Use any color that is bold; orange, hot pink, purple, red or anything deep, but choose colors and products that suit your comfort level. A more vibrant shade is easier to blend without losing the true color of the lipstick. Be sure to avoid a lip gloss — they add too much shine for a stained look.

The key to getting a perfect lip stain: The trick to making your stained lip runway-worthy is to prevent it from looking like a mistake. If you're wearing a chic stained lip trend, have it come across as intentional, but keep the rest of your face understated at the same time. For the lip itself, you don’t want to over blend your color or draw outside the lines. Try to keep a defined crispness to the edge of your lips, and create the stain within your actual lip shape.

Prevent the stained lip from looking too messy: There is nothing worse than seeing smudges in all the wrong places with a stained lip. Carefully focus on creating faded edges that appear clean and smooth, but also try to manage the right amount of bleeding and an imperfect center.  In other words, feel free to keep the center of the lip a little less perfect and focus on the outer edges instead.

Tips to craft a lip stain at home: Start by rounding up a few different lipsticks in the same color, but in varying degrees. If you want a purple stain, choose a light purple and a dark purple lipstick. Contour the edges of your lips with a white or cream lip pencil and massage into lips.

Select your lightest lipstick and dab onto lips near the liner without applying to the inner portion of your mouth. Blend liner and lipstick outward, adding extra product where needed to bring out the color. Choose your darkest lipstick and smear across the center of your lips. Buff out the edges between dark and light lipstick with fingers, but keep the direct center of your lips bold and intact for a perfectly stained lip.

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