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Paswan discounts Modi wave; says he cannot become PM
September 19, 2013, 10:22 pm


Even as the right wing BJP goes high pitch on election mode, senior Indian leader and former Minister Ram Vilas Paswan  has said there was not even a remote possibility that Narendra Modi could become the Prime Minister after the 2014 elections in India.
“Not even a remote chance” Paswan who heads the Lok Janashakti Party  categorically told The Times saying “Modi will never have the numbers nor the allies to back his claim for the top slot and as such BJP is just day dreaming”
Sitting in his imposing office, Paswan said that Modi is not as tall a leader as Atal Bihari Vajpayee was who could garner 183 seats in 1999 and weave a coalition of 21 parties.  “Today after Modi name is announced NDA is fragmented and is shrunk with just two allies-- Akali Dal and Shiv Sena.
He looses in the number game”
Paswan elaborated his argument saying that in the past former Prime Minister Vajpayee was a moderate face of BJP while LK Advani was considered a hardliner.
“Now we have a situation that Modi known to be hardliner has been declared as Prime Ministerial candidate while Advani is seen to opposing him.  There is no balance for the electorate to choose”.
According to Paswan, Modi elevation has surely given a boost to the party workers but cannot change the complex political scenario of the nation. “It will be very difficult for Modi to gather outside support; also he has never been to  Parliament as yet.”
A veteran of Indian politics who was also a part of NDA during Vajpayee time says the 2014 election would throw an interesting political contour.  “There will be so many new permutation and combination that would emerge after the polls”.
Paswan was visibly disturbed at the riot in Western part Uttar Pradesh and said that it was time for all political dispensation to initiate confidence building measures  These riots only lead to communal polarization thus benefitting the BJP.”
On the situation in Bihar, Paswan is confident that his secular combination would do very well this time. “ Nitish may have broken with the BJP but it is too late.  People know in my state that if given a chance he will again regroup with them”
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