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Passenger on Kozhikode-bound flight was mentally ill
July 28, 2016, 11:42 am

A Kozhikode-bound Indigo airlines flight from Dubai made an emergency landing at Mumbai airport after a mentally unstable passenger got into a brawl with the crew and fellow passengers on Thursday morning.

The man, who other passengers also said appeared to be mentally unstable, started speaking against the ISIS when the the flight was airborne. He refused to yield to the requests from co-passengers to stop and turned violent; he was overpowered by the other passengers and the plane diverted to Mumbai.

The passenger and his brother were interrogated by the CISF at Mumbai airport and were cleared to be sent to Kerala by the next flight. Police said he had not raised any pro-ISIS slogans as was initially reported.

The flight departed from Mumbai about an hour later without the offloaded passengers, and reached Kozhikode 3 hours late.

The deputy commissioner of CIAL police at Mumbai said two passengers were detained after the airlines complained of them fighting on board the plane.

Indigo airlines said in a statement that a passenger had misbehaved with the crew of the Dubai-Kozhikode flight. It said he had jumped and sat on the forward cart used to serve food and onboard merchandise.

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