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Parliament has "full right" to discuss GCC security pact - Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled
February 17, 2014, 9:28 am

First Deputy Premier and Foreign Minister Sheikh Sabah Khaled Al-Hamad Al-Sabah stressed the importance of abiding by the constitution on regional and international pacts, and stressed the parliament's right to discuss the GCC security agreement.

The government trusts the National Assembly, in its commitment to strengthening relations between Gulf states and the security and stability of Kuwait, he told reporters on Sunday.

The government is working towards "enhancing this Gulf system, in its military, economic, commercial, cultural and security-related fields," he said.
Security would provide the "shield" for all these matters, he said, and the constitutional step taken on this by the parliament should be the main focus.

The parliament has the complete right to discuss the agreement on all its angles, and the government is ready - if invited - to attend any meetings on the matter, in order to discuss what is required of it, he added.

The government has a responsibility to work alongside the lawmakers, in order to discuss all the stages that the agreement is going through, as the best interests of Kuwait calls on them to be committed to enhancing and improving pan-Gulf and pan-Arab relations.

Talks between the government and the parliament continue, as "this issue should be given all it deserves of discussion and revision in order for the picture to be clear.
"We attended the (parliament's) foreign affairs committee talks, which took hours, in the attendance of the National Assembly Speaker and his deputy, in addition to the committee members and others from outside of the committee."

The government learned from the parliament's points of view and all queries were responded to, he said, adding that the government does not work on any agreements that defy local legislation.

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