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Parliament OKs bill for family court in each Kuwaiti Governorate
February 13, 2018, 5:03 pm

The National Assembly on Tuesday approved a bill amending some articles of the family court law (12/2015), essentially paving way for establishing a court for settling family issues in each of the country's six governorates In the non-written voting, 42 MPs voted in favor of the bill and three disapproved, out of the 45 present lawmakers.

The balloting took place as the MPs examined a report by the parliamentary legal and legislative affairs committee with respect to the proposed modifications. The amendments, essentially, stipulate forming a family court in each of the country's six governorates. Headquarters for these tribunals are to be established in less than two years since effecting the relevant law.

A center will be established in each governorate; to be affiliated to the court, and tasked with settling family disputes, protecting individuals from violence and abuse. 

Meanwhile, the National Assembly approved a draft law on accepting non-Kuwaitis in the Kuwaiti army. The result of the vote, in the first debate, showed 44 members were in favor of the draft law, five disagreed and one abstained out of the 50 members.

The National Assembly moved into its regular session today to discuss the Committee of the Interior and Defense Affairs Committee on the draft law to amend Article 29 of the Army Law (No. 32/1967).


Source: KUNA

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