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Parenting and entrepreneurship
April 6, 2015, 9:45 am

Being a parent is a full-time job. But few full-time workers are required to change diapers, quell temper tantrums, make late night trips to the ER, and quiet loud crying at 2am.

Starting a business while juggling the obligations of family life can be an overwhelming task. Though it certainly seems to require superhuman abilities, it is by no means impossible. The benefits of taking on the task means you can plan your business around your parenting needs.

Fortunately, being a mom and an entrepreneur today is easier than ever, meaning you can balance both responsibilities. The web allows parents to work from home, while nonetheless connecting with customers from around the world, with whom they can share their unique talents and expertise.

From handicrafts to corporate consultation services, the business possibilities are nearly endless. So if you have made up your mind to set up a business while raising your youngsters, here are some great tips to help you get started.

Prioritize: Make lists, divide your projects into manageable tasks, and learn to recognize the exigencies of your work and family life. Starting a successful business within the demanding schedule of parenthood requires efficiency. So to excel in entrepreneurship, you will need to eliminate the clutter and focus on the work that produces results.

Monetize your passion: The best work does not seem like work at all if you can find a way to monetize a talent or skill you are passionate about. You will then find that you are able to take pleasure in the job you do. Going to work will not be a nuisance or feel like a painful theft of family time.

Find quiet time: If you are a parent and an entrepreneur, there is no question that you are also a multi-tasker with rare talents. But, even so, your best work can only get done when you are able to give it your undivided attention. So make it a priority to find quiet time to work in, whenever it may be. Whether it is after the kids are asleep, before they wake, or while they are away at school, your quiet time is essential.

No time like now: Parents always have a million things to do. Between cooking, cleaning, and all the other obligations of family life, procrastination is painfully easy – and often quite productive. But this is the danger of working from home.

If you hope to get anything substantial done, you will have to be disciplined enough to compartmentalize work tasks from household tasks. So fight back the urge for productive procrastination, and use the hours when you are sharpest for work, while leaving all the rest for your ‘free time’.

Be Realistic: Give yourself realistic goals. Understand that you are human, and can only do so much. Overburdening yourself will only contribute to stress, affect the quality of your work, and damage family relations.

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