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Paper cups that protect children with asthma
August 30, 2015, 10:48 am

A disposable paper cup is the inspiration behind a new device for the safe and prompt treatment of school-age children suffering acute asthma, which often presents as an emergency situation.

The new, single use ‘DispozABLE Spacer2’, a valve-less holding chamber to help with the optimal delivery of Ventolin (salbutamol sulphate), the drug most commonly prescribed in dealing with asthma, has been developed by the technical team at UK-based medical device manufacturers, Clement Clarke International.

A recent independent study into the use of spacers with a pMDI (pressurized metered dose inhaler), as opposed to a pMDI alone, showed that the new spacer is suitable for the effective delivery of salbutamol sulphate. Historically, poor pMDI technique led to the development of chamber and spacer devices.

These new devices, which were designed to overcome many of the issues with co-ordination of pressing the canister and inhaling, led to patients receiving the full recommended dose. Furthermore, the chamber and spacer devices minimize the unwanted deposition of medication in the throat, thus reducing potential side effects.

With the growing number of children suffering from asthma, many public health authorities are now recommending that schools keep emergency inhalers and spacers so as to provide care for the children and reassurance to parents. The new disposable cups are designed with a lid that has both a mouthpiece at the top and an inhaler port at the bottom, which creates an extremely user-friendly and cost effective device, with an intuitive design to allow non-professionals to assemble it quickly and safely.

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