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Panel formed to activate use of bicycles within university campuses
November 21, 2016, 8:53 am

A technical committee has been formed to activate the use of bicycles inside university campuses based on the Decision No. 15/2016 dated Aug 8, 2016 issued by the Deputy Head for Planning at Kuwait University.

The committee will work on implementing the idea of using bicycles starting with Shuwaikh campus such that students and visitors will be allowed to use bicycles inside university campuses in accordance with allotted regulations and security instructions intended for their safety.

The committee has identified the mechanism to be followed for implementing this system by working on designing special brochures with security instructions and traffic rules concerning riding bicycles alongside private vehicles and buses on the roads and identifying the right of way.

The committee is working on designing separate lanes for bicycles, making sure to provide all warning lines and traffic signs as well as specifying separate parking areas for bicycles near all vital buildings.

Engineer Aliya Al-Farsi from the Planning Department of Kuwait University praised the valuable cooperation and the spirit of teamwork of technical team concerning this initiative in order to achieve the goal of the university that calls for sustainability and upkeep of physical fitness.

Source: Arab Times

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