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Pakistan Employment Forum Kuwait celebrates 5 years of excellence
June 2, 2016, 4:20 pm

Pakistan Employment Forum Kuwait recently celebrated its successful completion of five years for community services in noble cause of career development. An event was held to honor and appreciate the Executive Team of Pakistan Employment Forum Kuwait in a famous hotel. Dignitaries from all walks of life participated in this graceful appreciation ceremony. The event commenced with recitation of Holy Quran by Qari Sohaib Anjum followed by Nasheed by Haji Muhammad Nawaz. National Anthems of Pakistan and Kuwait were presented at this stage.

Kashif Shahzad, Vice President of PEFK presented a comprehensive presentation containing complete details of achievements and accomplishment of PEFK Team in last 5 years. He briefly explained about Pakistan Employment Forum Kuwait and stated that PEFK is a premier and first ever Pakistani Forum of its kind in State of Kuwait which is purely designated to provide assistance for job seekers and career counseling for students residing in Kuwait especially among Pakistanis.

“PEFK is a non-Political and non-Governmental organization. It is a social welfare group established with a vision to provide career guidance to jobseekers and students, mainly Pakistani citizens residing in Kuwait, and help those in need of assistance in their career development, with no limitations of religion, nationality, race or ethnicity.

“We are here to serve humanity and the career of all humans is precious to us. We aim to provide the Best Career Development Counseling and Job Hunting guidance to our community in Kuwait. PEFK Team is working hard since 5 years to serve our community and humanity in career development and hundreds of peoples getting benefits from it in their job search, CV designing, job placements and career guidance and development.

“Many Career guidance seminars for high grade students, oral health care seminars in schools, professional training and workshops were organized during the years and hundreds of students and jobseekers benefitted from these seminars and trainings.”

Shamshaad Khan Tanoli, the Patron of Pakistan Qirrat and Naat Council Kuwait and guest of honor of event addressed the audience and said the accomplishment and achievements of PEFK Team are wonderful and excellent. PEFK Team is serving the humanity successfully and consistently in noble cause of career development since last 5 years and hundreds of Pakistanis and other nationals residing in Kuwait got job placement and career assistance by this great forum. PEFK had done a vital role in developing soft image of Pakistan in Kuwait. This is a platform which is equally popular and earned respect from the peoples all walk of life and communities and we as Pakistanis proud of its services to humanity and rendering our support always with PEFK in noble cause of career development.

Muhammad Irfan Adil, the Founder President of Pakistan Employment Forum Kuwait (PEFK) highly appreciated the remarkable efforts,teamwork and dedication of all PEFK team members who done great contribution towards PEFK mission and successfully served the humanity in career development since 5 years.

Today PEFK is bench mark of quality, standard, teamwork,discipline, achievements and dedication towards community services and many peopleare following ourfootsteps. At the end he congratulated all PEFK team members for their 5 years of excellence. He said, “We are determined and committed to continue our services for the community with teamwork, dedication and zeal. He announced to open PEFK Labour Wing to cater career services for labour class and unskilled persons which was highly welcomed by the community.”

PEFK Executive Team consists of Muhammad Irfan Adil, Kashif Shahzad, M. Irfan Shafiq, Eng. Waqas Ahmed, Maqbool Ahmed, Akhtar Naveed, Muhammad Imran Khan, Atif Aziz Ahmed, Aqeel Khan, Muhammad Riaz, Farid Khan, Khalil Ahmed Rajput, Bushra Waqas, Ms. Nadiya Muhammad, M. Younas Shahid, Adnan Yousaf, Dr. Amna Altaf, Zohaib Khurshid, Huda, Yasir Jameel, PEFK Advisors Dr. Mohsin Mehmood, M. Arshad, Amjad Ali, Ali Raza and Naveed Iqbal Butt.

Maqbool Ahmad, the President of Pakistan Sports Association Kuwait appreciated and thanked all PSA Team and volunteers for their excellent piece of work and contribution in PSA Annual Blood Donation Camp held in last December.

Mohammad Irfan Shafiq, the Secretary General of PEFK, thanked all Honorable Guests, Team Members, Sponsors and Media representatives. After this appreciation shields and certificates were given by honorable guests to PEFK Team, PSA team and volunteers and PQNCK Women Team, Sponsors and Media representatives upon their outstanding performance and contribution for society. Dua was offered by Qari Talat Sharif Naqshbandi followed by dinner.

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