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Pakistan Business Centre and Pakistan Business Council host dinner in honor of GCCI
September 8, 2016, 4:14 pm

The delegation of Gujranwala Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) arrived in Kuwait on 4 September on a business tour, which was arranged by the Embassy of Pakistan. Pakistan Business Centre and Pakistan Business Council arranged a dinner in honor of the delegation at Crown Plaza Hotel. The officials of Pakistan embassy, prominent Kuwaiti businessmen also attended the ceremony. The purpose of the visit was to introduce Pakistani products in Kuwait and enhance the Pakistan-Kuwait trade relationships.

Sohail Yousaf conducted the program, which started with the recitation of Holy Verses of ‘Quran Majeed’. The host of the program, Hafiz Mohammad Shabir recited these Holy Verses.  Raja Zafar Iqbal, the senior member of Pakistan Business Center, in his brief address welcomed the delegation. He said that the Business Centre under the kind supervision of Hafiz Mohammad Shabir is trying its best to promote the export of Pakistani products and enhance the trade between two brother countries.

Hafiz Mohammad Shabir, the ex-member of OPAC and president of Pakistan Business Centre, who also hosted the event, said that this visit of GCCI is the result of intensive efforts of Agha Saeed, the Commercial Attaché of Pakistani embassy in Kuwait. He further added, “It is a joint effort. We are proud on our products; we shall ensure the quality of these products. The products of Qarshi and Michels are becoming popular in Kuwait; especially Qarshi products are available at every store and supermarkets. A shipment of surgical instruments have first time arrived in Kuwait from Pakistan, textile products are already popular in local market. They arranged a mango festival and exhibition of Pakistani products in Zahra Co-operatives.”

Mohammad Arif Butt, the other host and the President of Pakistan Business Council, said, “We are very happy on the visit of delegation of Gujranwala Chambers of Commerce and Industry. We warmly welcome the embassy officials, Kuwait and Pakistani Businessmen and all audience.” He mentioned that the introduction of Pakistani products in the Kuwait market is the sole mission of Pakistan Business Council, and ended with the slogan of ‘long live Kuwait and Pakistan’.

A documentary about the industrial city of Gujranwala was presented to the audience. The documentary provided comprehensive informations about the products and culture of this famous city. Sami-ullah Naeem, the head of delegation thanked Pakistan Business Centre, Pakistan Business Council and the officials of the Embassy of Pakistan. He said that Gujranwala is the 6th largest city of Pakistan, and is well known for the production of rice, textile, machinery, cutlling, leather products and garments. He said there is big scope to enhance the trade between Pakistan and Kuwait.

Agha Saeed, the Commercial Attaché of Pakistan embassy, thanked Hafiz Mohammad Shabir and Mohammad Arif Butt for arranging that ceremony. Four business delegation visited Kuwait previous Year i.e. Karachi, Sialkot, Rawalpindi Chambers of Commerce and rice exporters. He is hopeful that more visits will be arranged.

Gujranwala Chambers of Commerce and Industry has more than 4000 members, which is why it is ranked high in importance. The interaction between Kuwait and Pakistani businessmen aims to strengthen bonds and enhance trade relations between the two countries.

Qasim-Muhayo Din, the Deputy Head of Mission of the Embassy of Pakistan, said in his brief address that “We are proud that an active Chamber of Commerce and Industry from Pakistan is visiting Kuwait.” He also paid tribute to Mohammad Arif Butt and Hafiz Mohammad Shabir, who gathered all professionals under one umbrella. They have developed a mechanism for the promotion of mutual trade between Pakistan and Kuwait.

The members of delegation were called on stage to introduce themselves and their products. The delegation consisted of Sami-ullah Naeem,(Leader of delegation), Hafiz Abdul Hameed(Deputy head of delegation), Khalid Mehmood Minhas, Chaudhary Mohammad Yousuf, Mohammad Amir, Wajid Mumtaz Paracha, Zahid Mushtaq, Wasim Khan, Najam Faisal, Khurram Iqbal, Sarfraz Ahmad, Waqas Afzal and Mohammad Burhan.

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