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Pakistan Business Center and Pakistan Business Council host dinner for Islamic Relief World Wide
January 11, 2017, 11:49 am

The Pakistan Business Center and Pakistan Business Council hosted a reception in honor of visiting delegation from the Islamic Relief World Wide at the Al Haitham restaurant, Farwaniya.

The high-level delegation who recently visited Kuwait comprised of the founder Dr. Hani Al Banna, Head of Micro finance section Dr. Mohammed Corazon and Islamic Relief World Wide-Middle East President Dr. Tariq Abdo and Islamic Relief Kuwait President Abdul Manan.

Director of Pakistan Business Center Hafiz Muhammed Shabbir introduced the Islamic Relief World Wide to the gathering and said that they were the largest charity organization of Muslims currently working in 50 countries. He added that Dr. Hani Al Banna is the founder of the organization, who has received the highest award (OBE) from the Queen of Great Britain.

In his speech, he said that the reception was organized to offer a warm welcome to Dr. Hani Al Banna, Dr. Mohammed Corazon and Dr. Tariq Abdo and also, to encourage Pakistani donors. He said that the Pakistani and Kuwaiti community has helped establish a charity hospital in Rawalpindi where services like Dialysis and CT Scans are provided freely to very poor people.  He shared his condolences for the founder of this hospital Malik Noor, who expired a few days ago.

Dr. Abdo thanked Mr. Butt and Mr. Shabbir for hosting the reception and expressed his pride in the Pakistani community, who are the best contributors to the Islamic Relief World Wide.

Dr. Corazon also paid tribute to the overseas Pakistanis, who have shown their generosity. Pakistan is a growing economy, but there remains a lot of work to be done in many underdeveloped parts of the country. He went on to expand on the difference between Islamic micro finance and conventional micro finance. He said that he wants to make people self-sufficient, and to achieve that end, he would appreciate donations.

Dr. Al Banna addressed the gathering, stating in his speech that the organization receives maximum donations from Pakistan, and he would to see more people like Abdul Sattar Eidi. Certificates of appreciation from Islamic Relief World Wide were given out to Ikhlaq Malik, Ahetsham Allah Ditta, Majid Ali Chaudhary, Hafiz Muhammed Shabbir and Mr. Butt, and the certificate of late Malik Noor was also received by Mr. Arif Butt.

The community welfare attaché of the Pakistan Embassy Dr. Umer Jawaid addressed the audience and shared his experience of working with Islamic Relief World Wide during the earthquake and floods in Pakistan.

He said that in southern Punjab there is a lot of work to be done, especially in the Health Department, and for this purpose, the Islamic Relief World Wide is the best platform for which Pakistanis can help their countrymen.

Mr. Arif Butt thanked Dr. Hani, Dr. Tariq and Dr. Corazon for accepting their invitation, and added that the Islamic Relief World Wide members are his family. During the program’s conclusion, Hafiz Muhammed Shabbir, Muhammed Arif Butt and Majid Ali Chaudhary, and Ikhlaq Malik on behalf of PBC as a team made a donation of 1 million Pakistani Rupees to the Islamic Relief World Wide for a micro financing project in Pakistan.


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