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Pakistan Awami Society organizes traditional cultural musical program
April 30, 2018, 1:05 pm

Pakistan Awami Society-Kuwait recently organized a function in the name of ‘An Enjoyable Night’ which focused on keeping in view that Islam has taken place in the minds and hearts of the people of the sub-continent through the learned persons, who were possessing the knowledge of GOD and His kingdom, the pious, the sagacious and the wise-men. They used the tool of poetry with the local languages and the cultural and traditional music calling them in the name of the oneness and the finality of the Almighty ALLAH.

The program was organized at Live Theatre at Discovery Mall, and was attended by a number of Pakistanis including the community leaders, scholars, teachers, student as well as ladies at large.

This event was to recall the mechanism while filling the hearts with the love of Allah, whereby a wide number of the Pakistanis participated and contributed in a number of local languages.

The event commenced with a session by Muhammad Hanief Qureshi and thereafter conducted by known poet and famous orator and speaker Kashif Kamal (President of Awami Literary Society). Hafiz Abdul Rasheed recited the Holy verses of the Quaankareem and Tanveer Fazal recited the Naat. A tableau was performed by the students over a song praising the kindness of Allah on human beings.

The play was enjoyed and appreciated by all. This was followed by a song performance by famous and well-known singers and artist Razwan Bhatti, Saeed hazarvi and Zafar Ghori. Ijaz Mughal, Muhammad Faisal Naqashbandi, Tanveer Fazal, Riazkareem Sultani and Mian Muammad Asif (President Awami Youth Society) also contributed towards the event.

The session was headed by Haji Abdul Rasheed Khokhar the head of MQI-Kuwait. The event ended with the President addressing the attendees. In his speech, he requested believers to come forward and join them in working and praying towards Almighty Allah over Pakistan and Kuwait and for Allah to shower his blessings on H.H. Sheikh Sabah Al-ahmad Al-Sabah. The session ended with dinner.

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