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Pair your lip color with your dress
April 5, 2017, 5:18 pm

It is one thing to be a beauty rule shaker and breaker, and it’s another to wear a timeless beauty trend well. Take, for instance, red lipstick. The rouge pout is about as classic a look as they get, but it is also one of the trickiest to wear. Shades can easily clash with your skin tone if you don’t have an eye for undertones, and try on top of that finding the perfect hue to complement your complexion and your clothing – it’s difficult. But, once perfectly painted, its sophisticated feel is unparalleled. So, when you want to know which red lip color you should be wearing with your favorite dress, read on.  

A bright red dress: When wearing red, you will have to be more cautious of what lip shade of red you will be wearing. Typically, your lips should match your dress pretty closely so the red undertones don’t clash. So, if you are getting down with the holiday and wearing bright, Valentine’s Day red, rock the same vibrant hue on your lips. For those with light complexion, choose a true red with a shimmering vibrancy. Those with medium complexion, can pick up a lipstick with orange-y undertones and also hints of blue, as the high-pigmented, full-coverage lipstick will help balance out the finish of your golden skin.

And those with dark complexion, can go for cherry red lipstick that leaves your lips with a perfect sheen, rather than an over-glossed finish.

A nude dress: With nude garments, your choice of red is a lot more flexible — basically anything goes. So, why not go for it with a red that has deep berry undertones? This is a fun way to still rock that traditional red lip but with a little more sophistication and depth. Girls with a light complexion can pick a lipstick with blackberry undertones in a lipstick pencil for a great finish. Medium complexion girls should probably find their perfect soft reddish coral satin finish lipstick that will stand out beautifully. Girls with a dark complexion should opt for a slightly deeper red with a berry finish.

A pink dress:  Pink is another shade you want to pay close attention to in terms of making sure your lip color doesn’t clash with your garment.  If you are wearing a light pink, opt for a coral-y magenta red color on your lips. This way, you can play up the brightness in the dress but still keep the tone in the red family. If your preference is a hot pink dress, a fiery red would work if you are down for a really bold modern look. Girls with a light complexion can choose a lipstick with gorgeous coral undertones.

Medium complexion looks best with a rich magenta nourishing lipstick and the beauty of dark complexion is heightened with a lipstick in a fuchsia base, as the color will read a bit more coral on a deeper complexion.

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