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PEFK holds ‘Effective Teamwork Strategies’ seminar
November 21, 2017, 1:10 pm

Pakistan Employment Forum Kuwait (PEFK) organizes a training session for working professionals from the Pakistani Community in Kuwait on the topic 'Effective Teamwork Strategies'. A large number of professionals participated in the very thought-provoking training session.

The session commenced with a prayer and a welcome note by Muhammad Irfan Adil. He briefly introduced the participants about Pakistan Employment Forum Kuwait and elaborated that PEFK provides innovative and quality training programs focused on empowering the participants to gain skills, competency and realize their full potential in a creative way.

PEFK Vice President and chief training consultant, Anwar Ali, along with the co-trainer Faisal Jameel were invited to present the all-important training. Mr. Ali mentioned that in PEFK, we believe excellence is an ever-evolving journey, one we can build up on to benefit from the expertise and experiences to devise forward-looking plans and formulate solutions for the challenges that face us. That, in turn, allows us to actively participate in creating a better life for future generations. PEFK, maintains a realist outlook with regards to excellence, which we do not view as an achievement, but rather a challenge.

The achievement is the future that we build for the people of our society; we are employing all resources and capacities at our disposal to that end, whereby we are assisting and guiding young, innovative talent, and providing them with the adequate environment to excel. He conducted the training session in a professional manner and presented a comprehensive knowledge and experience related to the topic. Group activities and exercises were very interesting and given opportunity to all participants to utilize their best teambuilding skills and ideas. Many questions were raised in the Q/A session, the explanation and discussion in response to the queries were also very beneficial to everyone.

Muhammad Irfan Adil, Founder/President of PEFK delivered vote of thanks and said today’s training session was a continuation of the previous training sessions by PEFK and we will carry on such trainings and seminars in future to augment professional skills of the working professionals. He stated I believe the ability to help others should come from within. He adds: “We all must make it a habit and try to enrich each-other’s lives through different means and life should be meaningful and that can only be achieved through making difference in the lives of others and doing good to them.

“We at PEFK have lived our lives in the belief that if we reach out with a helping hand, a smile or with what’s within our capacity in material wealth, to those around us, we will add to their happiness and the world will be a better place. Life is like a boomerang, what we throw out will come back to us. When we spread happiness, it just fills our own hearts and lives with happiness.”

Efforts of PEFK Team were acknowledged, PEFK General Secretary, Irfan Shafiq, Joint Secretary, Waqas Ahmed, Event Coordinator, Bushra Waqas and PEFK Event organizing team executives Imran Khan and Shahbaz were the ones whose hard work behind the scenes, made the event a success. Later certificates of participation were given to all attendees. All the attendees expressed their gratitude, and demanded more such training sessions in the future guaranteeing their active participation, which was very motivational for the PEFK team. The training session ended with a lavish dinner. For more info, please visit,

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