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PACI announces plans to launch English version of ‘Kuwait Finder’ app in 2014
January 19, 2014, 10:38 am
Mussaed Al Assousi

Director General of the Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) Musaed Al-Asousi announced plans on Wednesday to launch a new version of award-winning app ‘Kuwait Finder’ in 2014, including a version in the English language.

Al-Asousi was speaking at an awards ceremony hosted by PACI to give thanks to the application’s developers, researchers, partners and allies. The Kuwait Finder application has received numerous awards, such as the 3rd GCC e-government award in Dubai, for its unique characteristics that include, efficiency, easy usage and the availability of geographical information.

The director general announced plans to launch a new version of the application in 2014, which will include” information on the locations of Diwaniyas and funeral wakes for men and women as well as the English version of Kuwait Finder, including numerous other services that could benefit more than 250,000 registered users”.

“Most government institutions in Kuwait expressed their desire to connect with the Kuwait Finder following its massive successes. These sectors include the Ministry of Electricity and Water, the Municipality, the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Interior and the Public Institute for Social Securities. These successes would not have been accomplished if not for the hardworking employees at PACI from all departments,” he said.

The  software, which can be downloaded and used on Andriod and Apple devices, allows easy finding of locations anywhere inside Kuwait. It allows users to search locations by the PACI No. (code placed in every location, home and etc.) or by nearby current location.

The app further allows the user to search by area, block, street and more as well as search by location and share the information through social media.

For his part, Geographic Information System (GIS) Expert Maher Abdulkareem said that the goal of Kuwait Finder is to build a GIS foundation in Kuwait which utilizes PACI’s solid data, infrastructure and security to provide robust services that transmit efficient geographical information to the public.

He asserted that the second version of Kuwait Finder is set to launch in the first quarter of 2014 and will included new services and collaborations with government as well as the private sector. “The 2015 vision further envisions the development of geo statistics and crowd-sourcing information,” he added.

Eyad Arab, General Manager of GIS company OPENWARE, the app developing partner of PACI, further stated his appreciation for the partnership between the two entities and expressed his optimism on new future innovations.

Following the official speeches, PACI General Director Musaed Al-Asousi presented numerous awards to employees and app developers and promoters in appreciation of their kind efforts towards making Kuwait Finder app a viable success.

By Nihal Sharaf
Special Report
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