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Overcoming anxiety and panic attacks
December 22, 2013, 12:22 pm

It is difficult for those who have never experienced panic attacks of anxiety to fully understand it. The constant fear of another panic attack, the fear of dying, the loss of breath, the chest pains, the daily frustration literally destroy the person’s life. Here are some suggestions on how to overcome anxiety and panic attacks:

Supplements: Researchers have found that magnesium is necessary to dissipate the effects of traumatic stress that can occur from intense episodes of fear or anxiety. Magnesium also helps undo the bad programming from prior anxiety attacks by helping to create new brain response patterns not influenced by fear or anxiety. If you can, get a blood test and check to see if you have a magnesium deficiency.

Anti-Anxiety Diet: A healthy diet will dramatically help you overcome anxiety and panic attacks. Reduce sugar, fat, meat and dairy as much as you can, and eat much more vegetables and fruits.

Eliminate Food Triggers:  Many people report that caffeine is a major panic trigger for them. Others say the glutamine is. You may have a sensitivity or allergy to certain foods, which can cause your panic attacks, or make them worse. A good way to find out is to write a food diary to list all the food that you eat everyday and look for a potential link between your diet and anxiety or panic attacks. If you find a link, eliminate the source and see what happens.

Relaxation Therapies: Massage, Yoga, Reiki, Meditation are very relaxing as well. If you can get a relaxing massage once a week or two – Good for you and very good for chronic anxiety. Yoga and Reiki are helpful as well and meditation, if you have time for it, is especially effective. All of these therapies elevate the levels of your ‘feel good’ hormones like Serotonin.

Exercise: Many studies have proven that regular exercise is an excellent anxiety treatment. It reduces the stress hormones and elevates hormones such as serotonin. At least try to walk for a half an hour every day. You won’t believe how amazing you will feel, not to mention how much healthier you will become.

Acknowledge work related anxiety: If you have no idea where your anxiety and panic attacks come from, it is time to ask yourself if you work too much or just simply hate your job.


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