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Over 7,000 non-Saudi govt workers sacked
December 16, 2013, 9:34 am

The Ministry of Civil Service has terminated the contracts of 7,468 non-Saudi employees working at several ministries and government directorates over the past year, according to latest statistics.

According to statistics from the Human Resource Development Fund at the Ministry of Civil Service, the ministry had previously contracted 3,196 non-Saudi employees — 1,404 men and 1,792 women — to work in several administrative and service jobs.

According to government figures, there were 73,684 non-Saudi employees working in the fields of health and higher education in government ministries last year. The health sector accounted for the highest share of these jobs with 54,062 employees, while education ranked second with 14,195 employees.

A recent study showed that 457 Saudi employees have been sent on scholarships to study for higher degrees, with 54.7 percent studying for a master’s degree and 7 percent studying for a doctoral degree.

Around 790 Saudis have been trained outside the Kingdom and 3,336 enrolled in study programs at universities and colleges inside the Kingdom.

Employment laws for non-Saudis stipulate that the Ministry of Civil Service should check the qualifications of non-Saudis if no qualified Saudis are found for the post.

The ministry is obliged to notify contracted employees about its intention to terminate their contracts if they are no longer needed or if a qualified Saudi national applies for the job. Ministries can extend the employment contracts of employees who have reached the age of 63 in agreement with the minister of civil service.

Resolution 74 of the Council of Ministers stipulates the importance of reviewing contracts by leaders in government agencies. The resolution stipulates that contracts for non-Saudi fifth grade employees shouldn’t be renewed unless they are for employment in technical jobs.

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