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Outstanding orange lipstick
June 30, 2016, 11:15 am

Orange lipstick is back in a big way and this bold shade is ready to be part of your daring, inspiring makeup regiment. But actually wearing this statement color on your lips is a bit difficult. You dab it on your lips, and then spend the day feeling like a drunken clown on a rampage. With the right tips, you can wear the mouth-watering shade. So, read on for advice on how to wear orange lipstick without looking like a decorative orange.

Make it the focus of your look:  You can wear the bright lipstick color just about everywhere—a bold lipstick is a year-round essential. To really pull orange lips off, make sure you have a beyond-perfect outline; use a lip liner in a shade similar to your lipstick to make this happen. And because this is such a major lip look, it is important you keep the rest of your makeup balanced. Pair your orange lips with lightly highlighted skin, bold brows and mascara for a simple beauty look that lets your kisser really shine.

Wear it with smoky eyes: Smudgy, sexy eye makeup is a fall beauty essential—but instead of pairing it with the usual red lip, take a turn for the unexpected and rock a swipe of orange instead. Playful without being juvenile, a semi-matte orange lip flatters every skin tone and adds a touch of glam to this classic beauty look.

Pick a pastel: If you are a little hesitant about jumping headfirst into a tangerine dream, choose a shade that is creamier than carrot. Almost-pastel shades work in gloss, satin or matte finishes and look amazing on every skin tone—plus, they tend to allow a little of your lips’ natural color to peek through, diffusing the intensity of the orange a little. Apply light shades with a lip brush for totally even coverage and wear with warm-toned blush for a gorgeously flushed look.

Pair with color: Don’t think that fall is the time to abandon all your fun eye makeup—and never fall into the trap of believing that bold lips can only work with a neutral eye. The trick is choosing two colors that complement one another in intensity; a pale purple eye shadow and muted orange lipstick is a match made in makeup heaven.

When in doubt, choose coral: If you have tried everything and you still can’t get behind orange lipstick, try a shade of coral instead. Coral lipstick is still in the warm color family (which gives it the same intensity as a straight orange would), but because it has a pink base, it is a little more readily wearable. Try adding a dab of fuchsia to the center of your orange lipstick and blending it with your finger; this allows you to customize your shade perfectly, and you don’t have to run out and buy a whole new lipstick.





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