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Orio Milane Kuwait
December 7, 2014, 11:23 am

Cuisine: Italian

Orio Milane, as reflected in its name, offers fine Italian dining along with scrumptious fusion dishes blending the best of Roman, Sicilian and Greek flavors, with an emphasis on Gulf-tastes.  A Russian designer's European-styled – sophisticated, trendy and vibrant Italian ristorante, Orio Milane offers, at the same time, a relaxed, informal and laid-back Mediterranean ambience. Its ethnic Italy-sourced ingredients are crafted and reproduced by professional and innovative Orio Milane chefs who blend Italian flavors into unusual combinations to cater to discerning local palates.  Dishes like panettone and a 400-year old traditional saffron risotto, considered a culinary symbol of Milan, is  as well available at Orio Milane. Located adjacent to Kuwait Magic, at the iconic Dome Mall that features high-end shopping arcades, bowling rings, electronic games and an eclectic selection of classy restaurants and cafes, it is the latest gathering spot for families and friends in Kuwait.

Location: Abu Halifa
Contact: 23712666 / 23712777 / 65579828

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