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Orange eyeshadow tips
October 22, 2018, 12:11 pm

Colorful brows, mascara, and lids are here to bring your summer makeup routine to life. The latest in celebrity beauty is bright-eyed, citrusy, and surprisingly easy for you to pull off. From matte pigments in peach and tangerine to sunset metallics with subtle shimmer, 2018 is all about orange eyeshadow. Whether you’re more of a minimalist or embrace the more is more mentality, these versatile looks are easy to master — with the right eyeshadow palettes, of course. Check out the five best ways to rock orange lids below.

Orange undereye: Wear an avant-garde swipe of citrus pigment beneath the lower lash line when you’re looking for an artsy take on the trend. Blend halfway, from the inner corner out, to make your peepers look bigger. Apply mascara but keep other colors neutral to keep the style in minimalist territory.

Tangerine on top:  Tangerine lids are a match made in heaven for babes with dark skin. You can even apply a touch of yellow to the inner corners of the eyes before blending a matte shade of orange towards your outer brow.

Sunset shadow: Sport an emboldened, metallic take on the sunset eyeshadow trend by playing around with shimmery and metallic orange eyeshadow.

Peachy-pink smoke show: The next generation of the pink-eye calls for colors that fall between blush and soft papaya with the slightest hint of glitter. You will surely look fantastic with softly-blended, peach-hued lids.

Orange ombré: Create a coppery smokey effect to help make your eyes pop. Look for soft shades that blend well with reds, rose, and burgundy.


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