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Ooredoo organized Diabetes Awareness Day for employees
November 30, 2014, 12:17 pm

Ooredoo Kuwait held a diabetes awareness day for its employees last week at its headquarters in Kuwait City. The awareness day’s program was in cooperation with Dasman Diabetes Institute, Diet Centre, and Outdoor Boot Camp.

The 4-hour program included a variety of activities for all employees. This initiative comes as a reflection of the management’s deep-rooted belief that caring for employees will reap positive consequences. It also comes as part of the company’s efforts to engage with its employees, especially with regards to encouraging employees to adopt a healthier lifestyle. The program was also a break from the office routine for all employees.

Dasman Diabetes Institute presented a brief lecture about diabetes, followed by medical consultations. Diet Centre provided free nutritional consultations and discounted subscriptions to its meal plans that are tailored for individuals with diabetes. Outdoor Boot Camp held short workout sessions for the employees in the building’s front patio. Donations were also raised for Dasman Diabetes Institute to help provide children with insulin pumps.

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