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Ooredoo launches exclusive internet offers
October 3, 2014, 12:24 pm

Affordable bundles come in a variety of sizes and payment plans

Ooredoo Kuwait announced on 3 October the launch of exclusive internet offers aimed at a diverse customer base and at affordable prices. The new offers introduce post-paid and prepaid plans inclusive of LTE routers, as well as combo plans offering users an iPad plus routers along with the ability to share one internet packon different devices.

Among post-paid offers, Ooredoo is introducing 60 GB of lightning-fast LTE internet for just KD 7.5 a month, with a free router. The offer aims to cover basic needs of internet surfers with multiple devices, with the option of buying extra internet packs at discounted rates in case they reach the usage limit before the end of the month.

For users looking at purchasing internet bundles without the commitment of monthly bills, Ooredoo offers prepaid plans that require a one-time payment of KD 35 (only KD 8.75/month) which covers 4 months, with a 30 GB per month. This package comes with a router and a fast 3G Turbo connection.

Ooredoo also offers users the ability to customize plans based on their needs. Similar to the tablet combo plan, which offers users a router and an iPad that share the same internet connection starting at KD 13 per month.

Commenting on the launch of the new packs, Sheikh Mohammad bin Abdullah Al-Thani, Chief Executive Officer and General Manager at Ooredoo Kuwait, said: “We strongly believe in strengthening people through telecommunications. Our main aim in creating these offers is to make internet more affordable to different segments depending on their needs. We will continue to work on creating more services tailored to the needs of our clients.”

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