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Ooredoo concludes I WANT promotional campaign by delivering wants
October 21, 2014, 3:11 pm

Ooredoo Kuwait announced today the conclusion of I WANT campaign, which was launched back in May to introduce the brand name “Ooredoo.” The closing ceremony of the campaign took place at Ooredoo Head Office in Kuwait City in an organised press conference and an awarding ceremony for the winners.

Ooredoo Kuwait General Manager and CEO Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdullah Al-Thani stated: “We started this campaign in May to introduce Ooredoo to communities within Kuwait. We wanted people to get to know us better as part of an international telecom group that is community-focused. Our vision is to enrich people’s lives and help them grow as individuals, families and communities. Launching I Want came to emphasize on the meaning of our values: Caring, Connecting and Challenging.”

The campaign was launched last May to introduce the audience to the values of Ooredoo through a website and booths set up in different malls across Kuwait. The aim of this campaign was to introduce Ooredoo’s core values, which focus on enriching people’s lives and stimulating growth through the latest telecommunication services. The company’s vision focuses on enabling youth and helping them reach their potential, empowering women, and being a catalyst for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Al Thani added “We were happy to receive the submissions of people on the campaign and happier to fulfil their desires. We will continue to be innovative and challenging.”

The selected people were chosen based on a fixed criterion which was set by a committee of managers. The criterion was carefully set to be fair to all applicants. Thousands of replies were received to the question Ooredoo which asked people of Kuwait, What do you want? People of different age, nationalities, cultures and backgrounds joined this campaign and submitted answers.

Ooredoo Kuwait announced that selected people gave answers that fall into different categories such as education and learning, volunteering, assistance in being entrepreneurs, traveling, requests for devices, cars, phones and more.

Participants who asked for valuable items like Mini Cooper, GMC Yukon, Chevrolet Silverado, Ford Mustang, Yamaha Grizzly, and more were given what they asked for. They were contacted and told that their desire will be fulfilled and were invited to the event. Other participants who wanted PlayStation 4, Xbox, phone devices and traveling to watch soccer games in Europe were also given their wants.

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