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Ooredoo’s Back to School Prepaid Offers are Tailored for Youth
September 15, 2014, 10:57 am
Launching a new exclusive Student Offer today

Ooredoo continues to enrich the life of youth in Kuwait and helps them grow with total customization of offers and services. The company knows that there is no single offer to suit everyone’s needs. As the new school term begins, Ooredoo’s young prepaid customers can now enjoy better benefits and value through the new student offer tailored especially for them. This exclusive offer launches today to enrich students’ social lives. The smart offer comes with a variety of benefits designed to help young people get the best value for their pocket money. There are 2 special prepaid offers designed for students one on SIM and other on Tablet.

The Prepaid Student Offer is designed to give maximum value at the most competitive price in Kuwait. These include all aspects of mobile usage, including discounts and extra internet, extra minutes, extra SMS. This offer is valid for 12 months from the time of its activation.

To get this offer, students must visit any Ooredoo store and submit their University ID copy. If they are under 18 and don’t have a University ID they can bring their Civil ID copy. To start enjoying the benefits, students should do a first recharge of minimum KD 1 upon purchasing the new prepaid line or do 5KD/10KD to enjoy other plans benefits as per the below table.

Recharge Benefits

KD 2.5

KD 5

KD 10

Call rates amongst all student lines purchased under this offer

10 fils/min

10 fils/min

10 fils/min

Free minutes to call Ooredoo numbers




Free minutes to call any local number in Kuwait




Free internet

100 MB

200 MB

2 GB

Free internet Night Pack


10 GB

30 GB

Free SMS




For the following months, students will get benefits based on their total monthly cumulative recharge of the previous month. To enjoy the benefit in the second month customer should have a minimum cumulative recharge of KD 2.5 in first month.For example, if the student recharge is greater than or equal to KD 10 then he/she can enjoy all the benefits listed under the KD 10 column in the table. These benefits will be available to the student in the next month.

Ooredoo also brings a special Huawei Tablet and Internet Offer for the students. For a richer academic experience, this offer gives students the opportunity to receive a free 3G Huawei Tablet (MediaPad 7) along with 1.5 GB/month inclusive internet for a one-time upfront payment of only KD 49. The free 1.5 GB of free internet/month is available for four months.

Ooredoo in Kuwait continues to bring the latest and best offers and services to its all customers so that they can enjoy the best experiences on the most advanced network.

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