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Only 3-4 yrs needed to fix population structure – 20 years unacceptable: MP Safa Al-Hashem
October 15, 2017, 9:12 am

 It takes only three or four years to fix the lopsided population structure in the country, not 20 years, says MP Safa Al-Hashem. Al-Hashem disclosed she was surprised upon hearing that the lopsided population structure issue will be addressed within 20 years, asserting such a statement is unwise and unacceptable. “We will never allow the issue to remain unresolved for 20 years. We have people capable of fixing the imbalance,” she added.

Talking about the Higher Council for Planning amid such statements, Al-Hashem pointed out there have been comments on the appointment of the council members including a former minister who failed to perform his duties, and reappointment of a member who has been in this post for decades.

In another development, Al-Hasem praised “the implementation of the decision to increase fees for health services offered to expatriates because Kuwaitis now feel comfortable in hospitals. In all countries, priority is given to citizens when it comes to health care and other services.” On the fuel price hike and the request to discuss it in the Parliament, Al-Hashem clarified the request came from citizens but pressure must be put on the government to distribute fuel coupons. She wondered why the government delayed the announcement of integrated segments to determine who among the citizens belong to the low and middle income groups. She said the coupons should be granted only to citizens with limited income and the pensioners, not the rich.

Also commenting on the fuel price hike, MP Mubarak Al-Hurais asserted the ruling of the Court of Cassation on the fuel price increase has nothing to do with the request submitted by MPs. He argued the MPs have the legislative right request for amendment or cancellation of laws.

On the proposal to increase the rent allowance, Al-Hurais stressed the lawmakers believe that increasing the rent allowance to KD 275 will not affect the general budget of the State, the basic service allowance and acquired right of citizens. He said the rent is high and the amount is not more than 20 percent of what citizens are currently paying for housing as they continue to suffer due to rising rental fees.

Furthermore, MP Waleed Al-Tabtabaei has forwarded questions to Minister of Commerce and Industry and acting State Minister for Youth Affairs Khaled Al-Roudhan about the Kuwaiti shareholding companies listed on Kuwait Stock Exchange (KSE). He demanded for details like the number of Kuwaiti shareholding companies listed on KSE, number of employees in each company, percentage of Kuwaiti manpower in these companies, manpower quota for each company, mechanism for monitoring companies to ensure strict compliance with the specified percentage, action taken against those who violated the directive and fines imposed on them from 2015 till date.

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