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One killed, 65 injured in Saudi riot
November 10, 2013, 10:12 am

At least one person has been killed and more than 60 injured during a violent rampage in protest against an ongoing crackdown on illegal workers in Saudi Arabia.

The man, believed to be a Saudi national aged 32, died from head injuries sustained when he was hit by a hail of stones being thrown by rioters in Riyadh’s southern district of Manfouha on Saturday night, Arabic news website reported.

Cars and shops also were damaged.

Witnesses said some of the men were armed with knives and threatened police, motorists and pedestrians.


About 65 injured people, including Saudis and legal expatriates, were taken to hospital suffering stab wounds and bruises.

The violence attracted anti-riot police, who fired guns into the air and used truncheons to disperse the large crowds, which Arab News said was made up of mostly foreigners.

The area was eventually cordoned off and several rioters were arrested by both police officers and Saudi civilians, while Riyadh Police spokesman Brigadier General Naser Al Qahtani called on others to turn themselves in.

There have been several incidents of protest and violence in the kingdom since an amnesty on illegal workers ended on November 3.

Authorities have since conducted numerous raids on businesses and public places searching for those who failed to legalise their status during the six-month grace period.

More than 16,000 have been detained so far, according to reports.

More than 4m migrants – who make up about one-third of Saudi Arabia’s population – amended their visas and a further 1m left the country during the amnesty, according to government departments.

Police also have admitted killing an Ethiopian during a raid, although no details have been revealed about how he died.

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