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One app at a time
June 16, 2013, 3:40 pm

Apple posted a new video on its YouTube channel called Making a difference. One app at a time. The video showcases several stories about how iOS apps are impacting peoples’ lives around the world.

'Each iOS app offers remarkable — and often delightful — possibilities,' reads the description. 'But the most powerful iOS apps ever are ones that change people’s lives in ways they never imagined.'

Apps like Skyscape Medical Resources, Orthocare's Galileo, Thornton Media's Cherokee Language App, and AssistiveWare's Proloquo2go are shown in the video that have actually helped people learn, communicate, and in some instances, even made things in their daily lives possible that weren't before.

The video is a branding exercise by the tech giant to promote their app market. One example features an interview with Okari Denzil, a community health nurse in Lwala, Kenya.

His goal as a community health nurse is to ensure that there is health care available to this very rural setting in Kenya.

" I try to see 5-6 clients a day. Talking about those mothers who need prenatal care, mothers who are ready to deliver, mothers who have young babies at home," he said in the video.

" We sit down with them and talk about how to ensure that we give the babies the best start in life. I also have an opportunity to ensure that the wellbeing of the entire family is taken care of."

  He uses Skyscape to diagnose and prevent any complications from setting in. " The iPad is a resourceful tool. It's a doctor, it's a nurse, it's a public health officer in my bag," he said.

In another inspiring example, a paralympic medalist in rowing describes how she's able to precisely control her prosthetics with the iOS app Galileo, enabling her to more comfortably and properly align the angle of her foot while using exercise equipment and when wearing varying types of footwear.

The 10 minute mini-documentary has stories from the United States, Canada, and Kenya. This is a very fresh change from Apple's otherwise previous YouTube videos.

Wonder why this video was not shown in their WWDC 2013 keynote.


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